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Jamie Becker is from a small town in Minnesota. She is a proud grandma to four fantastic grandchildren. She started writing children's books to have a little something special to give to her grandchildren.

The award winning, Grandma Series
Highlights all the different types of grandmother's, and teaches great lessons along the way. Adventure's with Grandpa Bill is a bonus book to the Grandma Series. Because, Grandpa's are important too. With the help of her daughter and graphic designer, Amanda McCormick, they bring the true love of grandmother's and grandfather's to life.

Fluffy the Crooked Cat
Letting children embrace those unique parts of themselves that make them incredible. With lessons of inclusion, empathy, understanding. self love and accepting ourselves. In a world full of different you were made to stand out. 

The Who We Are Series
First Book :Billy the Builder 
Second Book: Cody The Cop
These books will be fun rhyming books that tell all about who we are and what we do. Watch out Dr. Seuss, here comes some competition.

Families are made with Love 
Celebrating the kaleidoscope of families proving that love comes in all shapes and sizes. 

My Debut Novel:

Wicked Charms
A suspenseful romance novel.
Rosie's illusion of romance was shattered by a tragic past love. But sometimes love and romance finds you, even when you aren't looking for it. Rosie finds herself falling for two men. Who will she choose? Who can she trust? Rosie's life is turned upside down. Will she fall for his wicked charms? Anything can happen and everything does as Rosie tries to fix the hot mess of her life and not end up dead in the process. Rosie knows no one is coming to save her. She needs to save herself. Will she make it out alive?
The first in the Wicked Series.
Book #2 Wicked Witch : Release Date: December 2024

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