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Grandma Marper

Our Grandma M , aka Grandma Marsha, aka Grandma Marper is the calm in the storm, literally. She has this amazing super power of making it storm every time she goes camping. Every time without fail. Most of the time on these crazy camping trips she would have all the grandchildren with. That's where the calm in the storm comes from. Keeping all the kids calm in a tent with a tornado of a storm coming through. The kids loved it and always wanted to do it again. When I asked my kids what they loved the most about visiting Grandma Marper when they were yonger. They remember waking up, watching cartoons and eating honeysmacks. Having all the gummy bears they could eat ( like pounds of gummy bears!) Grandma Marper always making tuna noodle salad for every occasion. They loved going to garage sales , fishing at the house boat, picking strawberries ( eating more then they picked), sleeping/jumping on the air mattress, circling things they wanted out of magazines, and most of all having Christmas at Grandma Marper's. So many wonderful memories. Whenever we would ask how the kids were she would always say "they were as good as gold" even though I am sure they were a bunch of crazy monkeys. Grandma Marper has 4 great grandchildren and I am sure they will have just as many wonderful memories of their great grandma. Grandmas are very important part of kids lives. They are part parent, part teacher, part best friend, and most of all their biggest fan!

Love you Grandma Marper!

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