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Grandpa's are important too!

Grandpas are important too!

Now that I have finished the Grandma Series, I have had quit a few people ask why only the grandma's? What about the grandpas? My answer is simply... your right! Grandpas are important too. This adventure of becoming an author did start with me finding an old picture of my Grandma B. It got me thinking what a shame it was that my grandchildren never got the pleasure of enjoying their Great Great Grandma B. Being a grandma myself I only focused on the that side of the coin. I agree that the grandpa's need a shout out also.

I hate to define the gender roles but the grandmas are the ones tending to the grandchildren (at least in my experience) . Diaper changes, making food, cleaning up after the mini tornadoes, kissing boo boo's. Now the grandpa's they are on the other side of that coin. They truly are the teachers of life. With certain lessons only a grandpa can teach. Sure parents can teach their children how to lets say fish. But, there is an unspoken rule that says that grandpas are the best fishing teachers. They really enjoy that time together, and love to pass on their wealth of knowledge. When a grandpa teaches his grandchild how to cast the line, how to catch the fish, he is teaching them invaluable lessons about life, about patience, about self-reliance and about catching and releasing. All lessons they need in all aspects of life, not just in fishing.

Grandpas know that happiness comes from doing great things vs getting great things. It doesn't involve making the grandchildren happy all the time or giving them whatever they want. It doesn't even involve telling them they are great on a daily basis. Instead the true power of the grandpa is giving the gift of struggle, letting them work through chanllenging tasks and problems, providing encouragement and allowing them to take pride in their accomplishments. In short kids feel good when they work hard and accomplish good things.

Grandpas don't just tell you how to live, they show you through their actions. They are the compass that points you in the right direction. Grandpas teach with "this is how you do it" and "this is why we do it" lessons. Grandpas are larger then life and bullet proof in the eyes of the grandbabies. So shout out to all those grandpas out there! You might have silver in your hair but pure gold in your heart!

I might just have to write a Grandpa Series now ......... Stay tuned.

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