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Grandpa's Make Childhoods Unforgettable!

Updated: Mar 5

Grandpa's Make Childhoods Unforgettable!

After completing the Grandma Series, I received numerous inquiries about why I only focused on grandmas rather than grandpas. I agree that grandpas are equally important and deserve recognition. And so was born the new release "Adventures with Grandpa Billy."

Our Grandpa Billy is a grandpa who teaches by example; he shows the grandkids how and why things are done. He doesn't give in to the tantrums or the whining, allowing them to work through challenging tasks and problems, encouraging them, and letting them take pride in their accomplishments. Kids feel good when they work through their issues and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Grandpa Billy brings wisdom, happiness, warmth, and, most of all, adventure to every one of his grandkid's childhood. Taking them fishing is an exciting adventure for the kids and is the basis for my new children's book, where Grandpa Billy teaches his grandkids how to fish. They imagine they are on a pirate adventure, catching mermaids and eating golden treasure. So much fun!

Grandpa Billy may have silver in his hair but pure gold in his heart, leaving little treats and surprises in the grandkid's mailboxes, making them smile and feel special. Taking them to the park, museums, arcades, Go- carts, and monster truck jams, letting them drive the lawn mower, Chop wood, allowing them to lead the way as we go through a corn maze, taking them for ice cream, so many adventures. Adventures the grandkids will never forget, memories with the magical power to make them smile.

Grandpa Billy is larger than life and unbreakable. He may have "Grouchy Eyebrows," but his center is all gooey, oozing with love.

Therefore, I want to shout out to all the grandpas out there! Grandpas are crucial to the family dynamic and play a significant role in their grandchildren's lives. They are the wise teachers who impart invaluable lessons, the loving caregivers who provide comfort and support, and the role models who lead by example. Let's acknowledge and appreciate all the grandpas out there.

When the child you love with all your heart has a child you love with all that is in you, only then will you know just how grand being a grandpa (and grandma) truly is.

Have those adventures, and keep smiling!

Fearless in 2024!

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