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Sneak Peek! Wicked Charms

I have finished my suspenseful romance novel, Wicked Charms. It is in the editing process as we speak. I am very excited for this release. I would like to give you all a little sneak peek at a small portion of the book. A little teaser.

Wicked Charms:

The first patient after lunch was a new patient. He only needed an exam and x-rays with Summer and I, then off to the hygienist to have his teeth cleaned.  After Summer took all the x-rays that were needed. She walked back to my desk to give me the backstory of our new patient.

 “Dr. Rosie, Ken moved here from California only three months ago. He works in investigation and private security. He would like to start by establishing care and keep on a regular cleaning schedule. His teeth are beautiful and he has no dental complaints. Oh and by the way he is smoking hot!” 

“Summer, smoking hot has nothing to do with his dental history.” I said, still trying to swallow the last bits of lunch left in my mouth.

“From the x-rays you took it does look like he has very nice teeth so I am guessing this exam won’t take us too long. We needed an easy one after the morning we had, but I am curious, how hot is hot?” 

Summer gave me a wink and said,

“Hot enough to melt my popsicle, that is for sure.”

Interesting, duly noted.

 We both walked into the operatory where Ken was sitting waiting for his exam. Coming around to the front of the chair, Ken flashed me a smile that would make any woman weak in the knees. When Summer said smoking hot, she was way off. A man that looks like that intimidated mere mortals like me. He’s the kind of man I would admire from afar, as to not let him see me watering at the mouth at the mere sight of his body. I noticed he was wearing very nice, expensive looking, large shoes. Flashing through my mind was something I once heard about a man’s feet being in direct proportion to the size of his... I cut that train of thought off with a slight shake of my head. Not an appropriate thought to be having about a new patient, no matter how attractive he is, or is it?

Ken was the definition of male perfection. Chiseled jaw, skin that was a dark caramel tan, perfectly sun kissed. The white polo shirt he was wearing was form fitting and hugged every muscle just right. His eyes were a piercing dark blue and could make me melt with just one look. Oh my, am I drooling? 

 Summer introduced us. 

 “Ken, this is Dr. Rosie Gardener, Dr. Rosie, this is Ken Tucker.”

 “Very nice to meet you. Do you go by Dr. Rosie or Dr. Gardener?” 

Here we go with the name thing again. There’s always a snicker or a chuckle when people say my name. Ken continued to smile without as much as a flinch about my hilarious name. I was speechless for a few seconds just taking in that sexy smile and those eyes. I heard  Summer clear her throat which brought me back to reality. 

“Yes, um, Hi, Hello, you can call me Dr. oh um I mean Dr. sexy, Oh no .. I mean Dr. Rosie ya that's it.”

I can’t believe how I’m acting. I sound like a bumbling idiot. 

“Good afternoon Dr. Rosie, so very nice to meet you.” Said Mr. Sexy.

 “Nice to meet you too, Ken.” I managed to get out of my mouth without tripping over the words.  

“Ken, I um, …..”

For some reason I just could not think of what to say next. I was literally frozen. He smelled so good like spring rain and fresh baked cookies. I know I’m being ridiculous but I couldn’t help myself. This man was mouth watering.

Summer pipped up,

 “Ken, we reviewed the x-rays and you have very nice teeth, no cavities noted on the films, but let's go ahead and take a look in your mouth with an exam to be sure.”

 I just looked at Summer with my eyes bugging and hoped she would understand the body language. I am going to need lots of help with this one. 

“Yes, let's do the exam.” I said a little too loud for the room.

 Summer laid the chair back and I proceeded to sit down on my chair. I roll it forward to do the exam. When I went to roll towards him, my butt slipped off the chair. I fell to the ground with a thud. That is going to leave a bruise. Of course my face turned red instantly. What is wrong with me?   

Summer jumped up and helped me to my feet while Ken had his head turned in my direction 

 “Are you ok Dr. Rosie?”

 “Yes, yes I am fine, the chairs are a little slippery this afternoon.” I said with a mortified voice.

I am trying to get through this without making myself look any worse. I finally got the chair up to where it needed to be. My hands were shaking so bad that I could barely touch each tooth without pounding on them.  

“Looks good in here, no decay.” 

Summer tipped the dental chair back up into a sitting position. I came around to the front of the chair to finish his exam and get out of this room with what little I had left of my dignity.

 “Mr. Sexy, OH, I mean Ken…… are good. You're really good ....” 

Summer interrupted me, ”Ken, you have perfect teeth with no cavities, we are all done with the exam. We will now hand you off to our hygienist, Tatia. You will love her, she is wonderful. Just let me go see if she is ready for you. Just give me one minute.”

Summer went off to get Tatia, our hygienist, which left me alone with Ken. I could feel the sweat running down my back and my ears burning red. 

Ken looked up at me, ”How long have you been in business Dr. Rosie?” 

“I took over my parents' practice two years ago just out of college.” 

“That must be hard, trying to live up to your parents?”

“You have no idea. They cast a very large shadow.” 

Ken gave me that beaming smile, “I have a good feeling about you.” 

My cheeks flush a bright pink and Ken let out a little laugh. 

“You are cute when you blush.” 

I think I turned a striking red this time. I curse my fair skin.

At that moment, thank goodness, Summer came back to the room. 

 “Tatia is ready for you Ken, just follow me and I’ll show you to her room.”

Ken rose from the dental chair. He stretched out his hand for a hand shake. My hands were sweating like crazy. The last thing I was going to do is shake his hand with all this sweat. As if I couldn’t make things any worse, I gave him a fist bump on his outstretched hand. I can’t believe I just did that. Is there no end to my stupidity? He threw that sparkling smile at me, laughed and followed Summer down the hall. 

As soon as he left the room I sank down on the chair and put my head in my hands. Could I be any more spastic? Why was I acting like a love struck teenager? My heart was still beating fast, and my head was still in my hands when Summer walked into the room.

“Dr. Rosie, I have never seen you like this.”

“I know, I have no idea what has come over me? As soon as I saw him my brain went to mush.”  

Summer giggled a little. “I know what happened. You are twitterpated.”

  I gave her a confused look. “I am what? twitterpated? I have no idea what that is?” 

Summer giggled again. “Have you ever seen the movie “Bambi? You know in the spring all the animals fall in love and fall all over themselves.”

 “I am not in love, I don’t believe in love at first sight. I must just be lacking caffeine or something.” 

Summer smiled. “Ya sure.” 

She didn’t sound too convinced but I decided to forget it and move on with my day. I acted like a complete idiot but there’s no reason to dwell on it. I can recap and analyze my every move later but now I need to get this day over with. I knew I should’ve just stayed in bed under my warm covers today.

An hour later Tatia was finished with Ken’s cleaning. She was escorting him to the front desk to check out and make his next cleaning appointment. 

 As they were walking to the front desk, I was coming from the opposite direction down the hallway. We both turned at the same time and he flashed me that thousand watt smile. I wasn’t looking where I was going and I ran right into the wall. There I was again, flat on my back except this time it was in front of the whole office and Mr. Large Shoes..

 I contemplated just staying down and not getting up. Once again I was humiliated. My cheeks were as red as a tomato as I lay there wondering how on earth I was the boss of this place. I was looking up at the ceiling when Ken walked over and put out his hand to help me up. I took it reluctantly and he gave me a little pull back on my feet. Our hands were still together and I swear I felt an electrical shock run up my arm and down my entire body.

“Are you ok, that looked like it hurt?” 

“Ya, ya I’m good, I do that all the time…” 

He looked at me a little confused but said “Glad your ok, I’m heading out, try not to kill yourself when I am gone. You will have no one to pick you up.” 

With another smile he went out the door. 

“Oh my god are you ok?” Summer said as the door shut behind Ken.

“Ya, I’m fine.” My eyes are still fixated on the door.

“Twitterpated” said Summer giggled as she turned to get back to work. 

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Wicked Charms. Stay tuned for the upcoming release date.

Keep Smiling and Fearless in 2024!

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