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Grandma Bee

One day I was thinking of my Grandma B. She is no longer with us which is heartbreaking because the world was definitely a better place with her in it. She opened her door for everyone . Always made sure everyone was fed. There was always room for one more at her table. She would literally give you her last dollar without a second thought. Her sense of humor was amazing. The smell of CarMax (it's a lip balm) brings me right back to her house. She would put that stuff on her lips a thousand times a day. I remember , out of the blue her standing up and kicking her leg straight up and hitting her hand that was outstretched, and saying "I still got it." Makes me smile every time I think about it. Her sinker donuts were legendary. I have not to this day tasted any donut that would come close to her sinkers. Her pumpkin and rhubarb pies, mouth watering. Every time I make a pie in her pie tins I think of her. What I loved Most of all was her positive out look on life. After her stroke, she lost the use of one of her arms. While visiting her in the hospital I was feeling sorry for her. She said with a smile on her face and matter of fact. "I still have one arm that's all I need," and took a drink of her coffee. I am a grandma now , with four wonderful grandbabies. I just thought what a shame that these baby's will never get a chance to meet this amazing woman. Long story short I decided to write children's books. The biggest reason is so that my grandbabies have a little bit of her sparkle . Second reason is that people underestimate the true power and depth of the love a grandma has with her grandbabies. It's so hard put into words the pure magic of my love for my fantastic four. I just wanted to give everyone a tiny glimpse of that with this book. My fantastic four are very young. The oldest is 6 then 4 and the last two just turned two. So this book I had to keep at a level 1 read so they can enjoy the book now. There is truly nothing like a grandma. Always and forever your biggest fan.

Please let me know what you think of this book by leaving an Amazon review. Thank you so much for supporting me. I appreciate it more then words can say.

Stay tuned : this book is the first in a series. There are so many in my life that are spectacular woman, I couldn't stop at just one.

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