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Grandma Judy

When I think of Judy I think of a person who suffered too much In life. Suffered with no money and trying raise 8 children. Suffered after an accident that caused her kidneys to fail. battling COPD, and diabetes. In and out of the hospital. Yet she was so strong . Fighting until the very end. She was such a giver. No matter what she would try to help you anyway she could. Weather that was money ,food, place to stay. Without hesitation she would be there for you. As she got older she would babysit the grandchildren.

She not only taught them responsibility and independence.

She also taught them the fun stuff too. Like how she would take 4 toddlers fishing for the day. Now taking 4 toddlers anywhere is a chore . Taking them fishing must have been hard. Constantly untangling poles, bathroom breaks, feeding them, making sure they don't fall in the water. I don't know how many fish they actually caught but the kids had a great time. She would bake cookies with the kids. I'm sure that was a mess but something they will always remember. When I asked the kids what they remember about doing arts and crafts with grandma Judy. They said that if they wanted to try something

No matter what it was she would get the stuff out and let them go at it. Never complained about a mess, or that they did it wrong. Just let their imaginations run wild and worry about the mess later. She was an extremely talented artist. Her talent was in all medians , drawing, painting, quilts, sewing, cakes .

A common phrase she would ask the kids is "are you being have?" Most of the time I'm sure they weren't but she was no pushover. They knew not to mess with grandma. That's called respect. There are so many things I remember most. Her fudge, baking in general was a gift of hers. So many things to list. She was truly an amazing woman that left us way too soon. I hope this book has a little bit of her essence in it to pass on for years.

We miss you Grandma Judy.

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