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Healthy Grandma K: AKA Grandma Kathryn

Healthy Grandma K is dedicated to Grandma Kathryn. Kitchens are for bringing families together. Stories are relived around the dinning table. Wisdom is imparted over dessert. Stomachs were never empty. The feeling of being so satisfyingly full that you need to unbutton your pants. Memories were always made at the dinner table. Grandma Kathryn was an amazing cook but an even better baker. The scents and tastes immediately take you right back to that very kitchen.

In Grandma Kathryn's day food was made with real ingredients either right out of her large garden or bought fresh. Made with love I always say. No processed food for this generation. Cooking that way was very time consuming. It seamed like when one meal was done, eaten and the mess cleaned up. Grandma was working on the next meal. Don't forget the desserts. Getting all the baking in while cooking all the meals. To top it off she never worried about the mess. Talk about Super Grandma.

Now that she is gone. Share those recipes. When someone passes away, a little piece of them is left behind when you recreate their recipes. So cook those homecooked meals. Pass down the recipes. Don't underestimate the memories that are created in the kitchen. Grandma Kathryn is missed by all but her recipes will live on.

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