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Proud Grandma P: AKA Great Grandma Polus

So many amazing woman in our family, I just could not leave my great grandmother out of the mix. Grandmothers are essential in a kids life. They are not only one of a kids major teachers sharing stories of events they have experienced ,but they also provide a safe harbor. Helping their grandkids feel loved and secure. Being that one person who is proud of you no matter what. Having total acceptance and support is a gift that a child will cherish for the rest of their life.

Going to visit my Great Grandma Polus was always an adventure. When you pulled up to her house I remember this vintage black truck sitting in the driveway, an amazing garden that was right along the path to get into her house. In the back was an old fashioned water pump where we would spend a lot of time playing, pumping the handle up and down getting the water to come out faster. Also in the back of the house was my Grandfathers wood working shed and behind that was where they would raise bunny rabbits. The cages lined the whole back of the shed. I absolutely loved playing with the bunnies. Her four seasoned porch was the spot we would sit and visit. It had two rocking chairs that faced the windows. One for my grandmother and one for my grandfather. The windows all around the room had plants and herbs growing in pots everywhere. The rocking chairs faced a long table where we would sit and have long visits and of course lots of food.

Grandma Polus was not a very touchy feely grandmother. She was old school where children would sit quietly, play and not make too much noise, eat all the food on their plate and respect their elders. Being old school does not mean that the love wasn't there. She was truly happy and excited and most of all proud of all my accomplishments. Having her in my life was essential for making me who I am today. I am proud of who I am and where I came from.

I am now a grandmother of four fantastic grandbabies. Taking a little bit of each of my grandmothers sparkle has rounded me into (hopefully) being an amazing grandma to my grandchildren. If your children are the rainbow of life then your grandchildren are the pots of gold. I want my fantastic four to know I will always and forever be dancing, beaming and jumping with pride for them no matter what.

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