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Sneak Peek: Wicked Witch Book #2

The sweltering heat of the cellar was overwhelming. I clung to my water bottle; who knew that such a small thing like a water bottle would be my lifeline, the one thing that would keep me alive for a bit longer?

I took my first small sip. The taste was exquisite; I wanted nothing more than to chug every last drop right then and there. But alas, I knew I needed to ration and be smart about how and when to drink this precious gift, which the sunglasses man had left me.  

I needed to focus, formulate a plan, and get out of here before Sunglasses returned to do God knows what to me. With dim light filtering in from around the door at the top of the ladder, I looked around for anything I could use. With thick, damp cement walls, a hard-packed dirt floor, and a heavy chain around both my ankles, there was little to nothing in the room. Scanning the cellar, something caught my eye. On the wall about a foot away was a wooden beam with a bent rusty nail sticking out of the aged wood. I would have never seen it if the light in the room had not hit the wood just right, illuminating what I was hoping was my saving grace. My chain was long enough to reach the rusty nail, and I was hopeful as my finger touched that beautiful nail. This tiny insignificant nail might just bring me my freedom.

The nail was not sticking straight out but was bent to one side, and by the looks of it, it had been there for a very long time. I grabbed a hold, but the nail was stubborn and was not moving. I kept at it, wiggling and prying with my bare hands until my fingers were bleeding. I was getting it to move slightly when I heard the chain jingle. Looking down, I smiled; with bloody fingers, I lifted the slacked chain and used it to slam and pound the nail loose.

The nail coming free of the wood was the best feeling in the world. Progress, celebrate the small victory. Holding the nail in my sore, bloody fingers, I was ready for step two. Use the nail to pick the locks on my ankle chains.

Sitting down, I took another heavenly sip of my precious water. My body was so exhausted and weak. My head throbbed, and my muscles screamed, but I couldn't think of any of that now I needed to keep moving forward. Sticking the nail in the lock at my ankle, I twisted and turned, never picking a lock. I had no idea what I was doing; I was trying to do something, anything, to get these chains off of my ankles.

It was at least a hundred degrees in the cellar; all my body wanted to do was stop, drink all the water, lie down, and sleep. I knew if I gave in and just stopped I would never get out of here alive. I am channeling my inner wonder woman and keep on going, unstoppable.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of book 2, Wicked Witch.

I am hoping for a release date this December 2024!

So stay tuned, more to come.

Keep Smiling and stay Fearless in 2024!

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