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Story Time @ St. Charles Public Library: Everyone left a Superhero

Story time at the St. Charles Public Library was on Friday June 9th. This was my first story time! Arriving at the library to set up I have to admit I was a little nervous. You put yourself out there and hope others like what you wrote. I was pleasantly surprised. They could not display all my books because kids checked them out prior to story time. At that moment I felt like I did it. Kids actually like the books. Made my heart beam. I wrote the Grandma Series mainly for my fantastic four grandbabies, but to have other children enjoy them as well is an amazing feeling.

The first book I read at story time was my new book Super Grandma G. Being a grandma I want my grandbabies to feel like they can do anything even save the world because they know I will always be in their corner, cheering them on, being their biggest fan. I wanted all the kids that came to story time to feel like a superhero as well. My little surprise was a gift for all. Superhero capes and mask in their favorite color. The kids loved it! We practiced our superhero stands before the story, and I prompted them to stand and do the superhero pose when I read "I feel like I can save the world" from the book. They were great! True superheroes. After Super Grandma G I read Wise Grandma Bee. Before I read this book I passed out a little treat for them to snack on while I read. I passed out Hershey kisses and Hershey hugs. ( a.k.a Grandma Kisses and Grandma Hugs) This was also a big hit. Understandable , who doesn't like chocolate. Next I read Calm Grandma M. This book is all about calming big feelings. So before reading the story we practiced the special technique on how to calm those big feelings. All the kids closed their eyes, took a deep breath and wiggled all those big feelings out. We all wiggled together throughout the story. They were all great monkeys, because monkeys are the best wigglers! The last book I read was Creative Grandma J. After this story I had a fun arts and crafts project. I brought stickers that went along with all the books and markers. Every one decorated their own book marks. With 42 kids all decorating at the same time this was a little chaotic. In the future I would set up a separate table for each book. That would give the kids more room to get at the stickers and room to decorate. We made it work and all the kids had a blast. One little girl wrote on her book mark "I love my grandma". That just made my heart happy. While we decorated they snacked on more grandma kisses and grandma hugs. After everyone was finished they all flew out of the library with the superhero capes on. Coming in as kids leaving superheroes!

Even the librarians the true superheroes did a superhero pose.

Thank you St. Charles Public Library!

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