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This is Hard Work!

Who knew that being a vendor would or could be hard work? Oh let me tell you it is! In the past 7 months since I launched my first book Wise Grandma Bee. I have participated in multiple vendor events. I will admit, I am the weird newbie. Other vendors have been doing this a long, long time and everyone knows each other. I am the weirdo new kid, not quite knowing all the ins and outs yet. But, as I do more and more I am more comfortable with the whole process. You see all of this is so far out of my comfort zone. Last year at this time if you would have told me I would be in doing the things I am doing now I would have laughed and said" ya right, never." Here I am, trying new things. I can tell you it is a blast. I absolutely love when the kids are excited to read my books.

Now having multiple vendor events under my belt. I can tell you it is a lot of work. First you have the crack of dawn setups. Waking up at the wee hours of the morning to pack the truck with display grids, tables, chairs, totes, bags, banners, rugs, signs, product, craft supplies, candy, money bag, square, business cards/ and holder, table coverings, decorations, drinks, snacks... pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Now haul all this stuff (sometimes hours away). Then the setup begins. Some events are more organized then others and it is clear where you are suppose to be. Others will send you and email that says "find me and I'll show you where to setup." That would be great if I knew who you were and what you looked like. (me being the newbie) So even finding your spot can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Now unload everything but the kitchen sink. Lift and carry , back and forth, back and forth. 10,000 steps in before the sun is up. Unfold, unpack, arrange, rearrange, hang, tape, clip, put together everything. Make it look as inviting as possible. You want high traffic. As many people as you can to stop at your booth., because in the end its about getting your product (in my case my books) in the hands of customers/ kids.

With a glistening of sweat from all the set up. It's time to work it baby! When the people start filling in. You are on. Stand don't sit behind your table. I have a free craft for kids (even adults) to do. I also have free candy kisses (grandma kisses). So I have to be up and moving around, helping with the craft, keeping the garbage under control, drawing them in. So needless to say I am on my feet all day long. Some of these events I am by myself. If it is a busy show there is no lunch breaks, bathroom breaks are nonexistent, you are full on all day long. I do have to say, there is a great code with vendors that if you need to take a break the one next to you will watch your booth for a few minutes. (thank goodness, holding it all day would be impossible!) Don't forget to add in the weather. I have been at events where it is over 100 degrees. I was literally melting and only sold 5 books all day. The last event, it was 40-50 degrees in a nonheated building (cow barn), with birds nesting above your head (watch out for bird poop), cold concrete floor. I was dressed in a winter coat and boots and was still shivering. Then after it's all over packing everything back up and haul it all back home. You see hard work.

Being a shopper at vendor events I never gave one thought into what these people go through to sell their products. I would walk by take a glance, sometimes stop, sometimes just keep walking. Stop, talk to these amazing people, tell them what you think of their displays. Just stop and say Hi. Even if you are not interested in what they are selling, these people went through a lot of work to show you what they have to offer. I love when people stop and chat a bit. I have to say it is the best part and the most fun. So stop chat you will make that vendors day.

Keep Smiling until next time :)

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