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First WOW: What's on Wednesdays

My first WOW event was yesterday from 5-8 p.m. WOW is held in St. Charles at the green space behind the city hall. There is live music, vendors (like me!), food and inflatables. Last night they had a classic car show and free milk for June dairy days. It was a great turn out. I was truly shocked by the number of people that attended for a Wednesday night, not to mention is was crazy hot outside! The St. Charles community really shows their support. I feel like my booth was a hit. I had a little craft project set up for all the kids. I had blank book marks, markers and stickers that went with each book for the kids to decorate. Almost every kid that showed up last night visited my booth and enjoyed the craft. Some even did multiple book marks. I also had 3 or 4 kids ask me to sign their book marks, Amanda my daughter and illustrator came with me to WOW and the kids wanted her to sign their book marks too. Watch out we will have paparazzi before we know it! (Ha Ha) I was also giving away superhero capes and masks to anyone that purchased my new book Super Grandma G. I just love seeing the kids running around pretending to be a superhero. With their little capes blowing in the wind. So adorable. I will be at WOW again on July 5th and Aug. 9th. Hopefully it will be a little cooler out on those nights. Fingers crossed! I was literally melting out there.

I was definitely more comfortable behind the table this time around. It was great that I did the story time at the library a few weeks ago because the kids and parents that attended that event said they enjoyed the story time and loved the books. Love the feed back.

I am hoping to have one more book finished by the next WOW event so stay turned for Proud Grandma P. Hope to see you all down there on July 5th. Come enjoy all the goodies, listen to great music and of course support this local author.

Keep Smiling

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